Love It To Death reviews ‘Now And Again, Here’ by Inner 29

I discovered a band called Inner 29 some time ago when they emailed me, requesting I check out their new EP, ‘Now And Again, Here’. Citing themselves as pop punk and emo, I had high hopes as I delved into the EP.

The opener ‘Inconsistency (Wears Me Out)’ is a strange track, merging keys, power chords and emo vocals all together in a mish-mash. It’s certainly a statement of intent as the opener, and works very much in the band’s favour, highlighting all their influences and making sure it introduces their sound. However, it’s far from the best track on the EP, for that title goes to the second track. Green Day-ish riffs meet pop sensibilities on ‘Falling Apart’. It’s a boogie track, with a very emo chorus. Like damn. If you’re willing to give Inner 29 a couple of minutes of your time, make sure you choose this track. It’ll hook you in for more.

‘This Is The Last Time I’ll Dream’ literally says emo in its title, but it’s actually more upbeat than the title would have you believe. It’s sad but a little too bouncy to truly be sad, and that makes it a little strange but rather satisfying. It changes the EP up a little, stopping it from stagnating, and helps create ‘Now And Again, Here’ as a cohesive piece as opposed to a collection of random songs. ‘Sleep Well Tonight’, however, hits the nail that its predecessor missed. Keys return and it’s haunting. I like it, but it’s a closer, that’s all.

What we have here is a band finding its feet. They know what they want and how to get it, and they’re on there way there. There’s missteps, but this EP showcases potential for Inner 29, and I’m curious to see where they go from here.

MY PICK: ‘Falling Apart’

Listen to ‘Now And Again, Here’ HERE

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